Get Your Photo Fix Here

I have some time to kill this afternoon, and the internet in Café Larem seems to be working pretty well, so I’m crossing my fingers that I will be able to upload some pictures (if you’re reading this, it means that it worked, so be happy!)

Some sugar cane our program assistant bought us to chew on during the insane traffic jam heading out of Kampala

Great action shot of a baboon out the bus window. My photog skills are amazing, I know.

Apparently, people are very jaunty while crossing streets in Uganda. Or at least that is what this sign would lead one to believe

This is at a local bar which is notoriously ‘expat’ friendly, meaning it’s a good place for us to ease into the Ugandan nightlife. The guy with the scarf is called ‘Fabulous Patrick.’ He is a local comedian/radio personality and we love him. He is both fabulous and Patrick.

Bridget, Marinda, and Michelle…my adorable homestay sisters

A traditional Acholi dance performance


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